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Back in the day wedding invitations were pretty simple but today the wedding invitation is a statement of your entire wedding theme. There is so much to choose from when it comes to choosing the right wedding invitations that it can seem a bit overwhelming when you start looking. Our goal is to help you find someone in Dallas for your wedding invitations that can help you choose the best invitations that fit not only your theme but also your budget.


But there are somethings to consider when choosing your invitations and the etiquette’s you should never ignore include the following:


Displaying The Most Important Details


You should have decided on the date, time and venue of the wedding by the time you’re sending invitations to friends and family. Therefore, check that the invitation cards have all these details. The cards should also display the names of the bride and groom clearly. It doesn’t hurt to check the invitation cards multiple times to ascertain that they have all the information you need your guests to know. Ask for a sample of the cards before printing the final copies to ensure accuracy.


Proofread The Invitations


img71A spelling mistake on the wedding invitations can be very detrimental to your goal of organizing one of the most successful weddings in Dallas. Therefore, once you receive a sample of the invitation cards, go over it as many times as you can and also ask some others to check them out while checking for spelling mistakes. Check your names and other crucial details that could send guests elsewhere instead of the venue where your wedding is to take place. Check the dates and times too.


Sending The Invitations On Time


You can’t send the invitations a week prior to your wedding and expect all guests to show up without fail. A good practice is to send the invites out at the very least a month before the wedding, though it’s ideal to send the cards 6-8 weeks before the big day. This is because your guests need ample time to prepare themselves to attend the event and make whatever arrangements they need to make to attend. Mailing the cards on time gives your guests ample time to arrange the appropriate accommodations.


Avoid Asking For Money Or Gifts


A wedding invitation is not a good platform to ask for money or gifts from your friends and family. Gifts are a way through which guests show their appreciation and congratulations on your new marriage. You can’t force guests to come with gifts, as they are likely to consider this extremely inappropriate. The invitation should not feature any piece of information about the registry. Avoid printing words such as money donations and money tree on the card, as they show that you’re asking for cash and it’s just bad practice.


The back of the invitation is better to be free of text and other things. If anything, you can include a photo of the two of you for friends and family to enjoy. Publish all the text on the front and inside of the card. Furthermore, use words carefully, but creatively and don’t make the text too wordy either. If the information you wish to pass to your guests doesn’t fit on the front, order a set of enclosure cards. The enclosure card should be smaller than the actual wedding invitation. Follow this guideline to avoid annoying your guests.


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