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Selecting the right venue for your wedding can be a daunting task and if you’re under a tight budget, the task becomes even more difficult. It’s harder if you need a different venue for the actual ceremony and another for the reception as well. If your budget is tight you should probably look at having your wedding and reception at the same venue.


One way to maximize your budget is to be open to changing the date of your big day to a day that is considered more off peak time or a day of the week that isn’t in as high of demand. This is because most venues have low and high seasons. The low season, also known as off-season, is the ideal time for going out to search for a venue at the cheapest price. When the demand for venues is low, you will pay less and save some money for other crucial items on your list of wedding expenses.


If you want to save the most money on a Dallas wedding venue, getting the location reserved between June and September are going to be the most expensive times of the year. This is because the period from June to September is known as high season, thus more expensive. Furthermore, June to September is spring to fall, which is an ideal time for organizing a wedding in Dallas.


So, if you want to save money and don’t book a wedding venue in Dallas in spring or fall, what options do you have?


Select Winter


img51The time that most wedding venues are going to be the cheapest are going to be during the winter months. Despite the cold temperatures, the venues are much cheaper and many times you can even get special things for your big day because they want to generate more business during these slow times. For the best deals, you should look to book the venue around January. Alternatively, you would find pocket-friendly deals when you plan your wedding around February or March.


December might also fall during winter, but it’s not as good in terms of finding a deal for planning your wedding. This is because December is actually one of the more popular months for weddings in Dallas and other parts of the country. Some of this is due to people planning their weddings in December but it’s also because holiday celebrations are the hallmarks of December. The celebratory mood makes everybody book venues everywhere. The high demand, therefore, drives the rates up.


Understand The Uniqueness Of Each Location


However, you should look at the uniqueness of the Dallas and find where you wish to have your wedding. Not all summer months are peak times everywhere, especially here in Texas. The humidity and scorching temperatures of summer months in a lot of areas push prices down if they are outdoor venues.


If you have never seen the law of demand and supply at work, you should watch it live while looking for the best month to book a wedding venue. Off-peak months are perfect for seeing and enjoying the full benefits of low demand and high supply. The venue owners have no trouble lowering their rates and are willing to negotiate price with you when demand is low.


Therefore, if you’re looking to find the best deal you should book your wedding venue during these off-peak months. Your guests who are traveling from outside Dallas will enjoy great rates for their preferred accommodation or travel packages as well and save some money in the process. If you need more help on planning any of your wedding venue needs, contact us today and we’ll show you how to book your wedding venue in Dallas so you can have a memorable day you will remember forever.


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