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It’s no secret that engagement rings can cost a fortune. But it’s important to know that you have complete control over the amount you’re willing to pay for good rings and the price of the ring doesn’t determine how much you are in love. You’re free to set aside 2-3 months’ salary to buy your preferred type of engagement rings in Fort Worth if you like but ultimately what you spend depends on the kind of ring you wish to buy as well as your budget. Diamond rings are some of the costliest and popular types of rings. Nevertheless, you don’t have to rob a bank to buy your engagement ring. What you need is the following:


Prioritize Purpose Over The Price


Focus on buying an engagement ring that has a meaning to the two of you. The cost of the ring should not put you off if the ring serves a special purpose in your lives. In fact, there are times when using an heirloom ring is a much better idea compared to visiting the local jewelers to buy one. The heirloom ring might cost you nothing financially, but the rich meaning and history it carries makes it worth using. A big trend is to take heirloom rings and place a new diamond in them. Needless to say it’s always better to buy rings that have a meaning rather than just ones that are the most expensive.


The 2-Month Salary Approach Is Archaic


img9The biggest unwritten rule when it comes to engagement rings is that you should set aside your salary for two months to buy a ring. If you recently graduated and are struggling to clear your student debt, setting aside your salary for 2-3 months to buy an engagement ring might seem not only a little far fetched but it also may not be the best use of your funds if you are planning an upcoming wedding. If you are earning entry-level wages, you might not feel too pleased sacrificing your salary over a 2-month period to buy what is considered “the right ring”. Therefore, you may need other options.


Don’t Take Out A Loan For Your Engagement Ring


It’s better for the two of you to embark on life as a married couple without any unnecessary debt to start the marriage off with. If you have a mortgage or student debt to clear, your focus should be on them instead of adding more misery into your life by borrowing once more to purchase what you may think is the right ring. You can always a lot more money for the engagement ring and not spend as much on your upcoming wedding in other areas if you feel a certain ring is truly the ring you have to have.


Learn To Save


All the previous points lead to one major highlight – the importance of saving money to afford the kind of engagement ring you truly want. Some people save for up to one year to raise the money for their desired ring, while others don’t spend nearly as much. You’re better off taking baby steps instead of rushing to borrow money and postponing the marital bliss you should be enjoying with your spouse the first few years just because of the engagement ring. Remember the ring is a symbol of your love, it’s not the meaning behind your love.

It’s true that your engagement rings represent the love and total commitment that the two of you have for each other. Consequently, it’s common for two lovebirds to sacrifice a few things they love to raise money for the rings. If the sacrifices don’t lead to more financial crises for the two of you, then you’re free to go ahead. Better yet, the two of you should speak about this issue instead of letting it weigh you down, thus draining all the excitement out of your lives.

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