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One of the more stressful things that a bride has to deal with when planning their wedding is picking out the bridesmaids dresses in Plano. This can be stressful trying to pick the right dress that all the bridesmaids are going to like but also fit into your overall theme for the wedding. A better approach that is becoming more fashionable as well is to give them a bit of leeway and have your bridesmaids choose a bit of what they want, but only as long as they don’t deviate too much from the theme and color scheme. This explains why the idea of mismatched bridesmaids dresses is spreading quickly.


The mismatch style is great, but only if you adhere to the following rules:


Make Sure All The Dresses Are The Same Length


It’s normal for the bridesmaids to feel like wearing dresses of different lengths. After all, each bridesmaid has her own preferred style as some prefer their dresses short and others would have no problem wearing long garbs for any occasion. Nonetheless, there’s nothing wrong in asking them for uniformity in one area only – the length of their dresses. A uniform hem length creates a cohesive look, which impresses rather than shocks the wedding guests into silence.


Don’t Vary More Than Two Features


The bridesmaids dresses you choose for your upcoming wedding in Plano should not be different in all aspects. The dresses should only vary in a couple of places as you still want to have a consistent theme for your wedding. You should be sure that the fabric should be the same in all the dresses but each bridesmaid can wear a dress with a different neckline. The colors could have subtle differences but none that go too far from the color scheme you choose. If you change more than two features or attributes, you will end up with a confused look that makes your wedding guests wonder what’s happening.


Shades Of The Same Color


As mentioned above, allow the bridesmaids to choose dresses that have different shades of the same color but that doesn’t stray too far away from the main color. The popularity of different colored dresses has really started to become popular and it’s worth noting that the range of the shades that they can choose from depends on the shades that the dress designer has. Test the combinations until you find something that works for all the bridesmaids and that you like as well.


Supervise The Bridesmaids’ Choice Of Dresses


It’s good and dandy to be as democratic as you want with your bridesmaids, however, giving them the keys to the city to choose whatever style, color, hem length and size they want is a recipe for disaster. Therefore, retain a bit of control over their choices as it’s important to remember while they may not be thrilled about a particular aspect of their dress that it is still your big day. Giving them some choices on their dresses is fine but just let it be known from the start that you will have final say and they don’t have free reign to do whatever they want.


Limit Their Choices


It’s good to have a plan but it’s even better to share that plan with all your bridesmaids. Be ready with your preferred necklines, hem lengths, dress types and colors that you want them to choose from. Share your expectations with the entire team and let the bridesmaids choose what they prefer from the list that you already pre-selected. If you do this, you won’t have to suffer the confusion that would arise if you gave them complete freedom to do as they please.

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