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What do you look for when your wedding is near and you haven’t found a good Plano wedding caterer? The process can be nerve-wracking, especially if it’s your first time looking for any kind of caterer. Most customers focus on the culinary training and experience the caterer has. Others focus on pricing to determine whether the caterer is good for them. One quality is not superior to the other though. Therefore, your eyes should be on the following five qualities:


Excellent Cooking Skills


You don’t want bad food in your wedding plain and simple. The focus of catering is to provide your wedding guests with well-cooked meals that will leave them satisfied. Without good food, your efforts to decorate and beautify the wedding venue would go unnoticed. Awful food makes the wedding a drab event. A good caterer knows everything about planning menus and making recipe substitutions. The caterer should have little trouble preparing, reheating and transporting great amounts of food safely.


Practices Food Safety


simple-elegant-wedding-reception-ideas-elegant-wedding-reception-venue-and-low-cost---wedding-ideas-awesomeThe safety of the food you prepare and serve to your wedding guests is of great importance. A good Plano wedding caterer understands and adheres to the latest food safety laws. Hire a caterer who knows what the law says about preparing, transporting and serving large amounts of food to people in a single setting – such as a wedding. Otherwise, your guests could leave the event complaining of running stomachs or experiencing food poisoning.


Quality Customer Service


Your relationship and interaction with the caterer begins much earlier than the wedding day. The two of you need to sit down together to design a wedding menu. Therefore, you can’t afford to choose a caterer who’s not courteous, diplomatic or tactful. If you ignore this piece of advice, expect to face some tense moments trying to convince the caterer to change a dish or substitute one of the ingredients. Hire a caterer who boasts of excellent people skills and is able to communicate well with you.


Exceptional Leadership Skills


A good wedding caterer in Plano should have exceptional leadership skills. Such skills come in handy when the caterer works with a team. Good leadership skills make it possible for the caterer to manage their staff that includes cleaners, servers, cooks and dishwashers. Leadership skills make it possible for the caterer to ensure that their workers follow the schedule and understand serving customs. Most importantly perhaps, they check that their staff adheres to food safety regulations.


Flexible And Creative


The wedding caterer in Plano should not have a one track mind. They should exercise a bit of flexibility considering that the bride and groom may want to change a few items on the menu. For example, the bride and groom may learn that some of the guests are allergic to a few types of foods and ask for an alternative menu or ingredient. In such cases, the caterer has to demonstrate their flexibility and creativity to come up with perfect solutions.


As shown here, choosing a good caterer for your upcoming wedding in Plano isn’t rocket science but it’s important to find a good one. As long as you follow this guideline, you should have an easy time finding the best wedding caterer in Plano. Alternatively, contact us for more assistance if you’re going through a difficult time trying to find a caterer on time. It’s important that you have a wedding caterer in place several weeks or months before the big day. If you do this, you will avoid disappointments.


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